The tattoo that has been made with ink under our skin and has become permanent with the coloring of our pigments. is one of the recent trends. Tattoos first appeared in the 1700s under the name of ’tatau’ by the locals in the Samoa Islands. The indigenous Samoa indigenous people started their tattoo culture by making permanent drawings that. Reflect the unique character characteristics of their faces and bodies. The idea of ​​the first tattoo, as you might have guessed, was entirely derived from ”personalizing“ and gibi differentiating. tahmin ideas.


According to the results of a study conducted by Pew Research Center in the USA in 2010, there is at least one permanent tattoo close to 38% of the US population. I could not find such research for our country. However, according to my small (and non-representative) research in my friends’ circle, I think we can force 15%.

From the same research results, there are interesting data:

• a first impressions izlenim of people with tattoos; these people were more adventurous, less obedient and had more sexual experience.
• It is observed that adults with tattoos have more positive opinions about their bodies and find themselves more attractive.
• Adults with tattoos were more sexually active.
• Adults with tattoos tend to take more risks.
Women with tattoos were twice as likely to have their tattoos removed.

The sentence that most influences me from the documentaries I’ve been watching about tattoos explains why we get tattoos in the best way; Belli I want this tattoo on my skin, I’m ready to suffer, and I accept that it will be permanent. Ağ Why our tattoos and tattoos are so obvious. So what kind of tattoos do you say to the bride and tattoos I have compiled for you.

Individual an Tattoos

Like the Samoa Island natives who found the tattoo, we make ourselves tattooed to emphasize our unique qualities. Which are not ours. Our name, our nickname, our auspicious number, our horoscope, our birth date. We are only making things that are special to us. I’m personally in this group. On my left wrist, the three auspicious counts have a tiny tattoo with Roman numerals.

Important Reminders Tattoos

Among the most frequently used tattoo ideas are the place we come from, our principles in life. Our favorite symbol of our city. The lessons we receive from our experiences. The life motto if we have any, and the writings and drawings that represent the leaders we love. Üc My body is my journal. And my tattoos are my life story.

Tattoos to Love and Love

One of the most beloved tattoo ideas is to place our loved ones, our love and our family in a permanent way. They may have pictures, names or a moment with them. These tattoos, which are generally made mutually, are also among the most preferred. However, it is better to plan here. Or we can find ourselves in the painful arms of the laser application that is tattooing in a dermatologist’s office. In this tattoo type, my fearful dream is that the Victoria-David Beckham couple printed the Hebrew huge David Iamm my belovedündes. And my beloved is mine is tattoos. My favor is the simple Z IV ce tattoo on the ring fingers of the four figures, the lucky numbers of the Beyonce and Jay Z pairs.

Aesthetic Beauty Adds Minimalist Tattoos

These tattoos, which are generally suitable for girls, are included in this group, which emphasizes already aesthetic parts of the female body and which have creative designs. There is a broad consensus that minimal tattoo designs are already very attractive to aesthetic areas such as the ankle, waist cavity, neck and thigh. Tumblr, Instagram, weheartit media such as this type of tattoos can find millions of examples.

Gang and Prison Culture Tattoos

Gang and prison tattoos are a type of tattoo that proves that even with very difficult conditions, even without the necessary equipment, tattoos can be made. This dark tattoo genre, which tells people’s groups and life stories, is a deep and rich culture. It means that he killed someone. The history of this tattoo goes back to the gangs that the Chicago groups formed in California.